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I am dying a slow and agonizing death [26 Jan 2004|04:51pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

...and it sux. My dad found out about my livejournal. Whopee. It told me that i was to never look at these sites again because they are a bunch of bullshit and whatnot.

He broke my computer...and i am currently on his which works like snail mail except...well it really is like snail mail. So to the only person that ever reads my livejournal...i bid thee good day, for this is the last time that Gabbie will be "wasting her time" (according to her father). There is really nothing else to do except die.


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[22 Jan 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i hate livejournal....good day sir

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What...EVER! [21 Jan 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Yo and hello...Here to bring you up on the...updates

I cut my hair...a reasonable length nothing exaggerated. I also got new shoes which i am being so anal retentive for b/c i don't want to break them in. I got the biggest cramp in my leg yesterday b/c i was walking like Frankenstein so that i wouldn't mess up my shoes...After a while i decided that they are just shoes and they are meant to protect your feet, not so that the whiteness of my shoe can blind everyone a mile away.

I saw the hottest guy, i think i will ever see at school, today. Me and Iris (senior from my math class) went to the library b/c we were getting bored listening to Mr.Sloan say his poems that he has said a million times. I sat down and like 10 minutes later, he walked in. He sat on the other side where i was sitting. I kept trying to be slick by stealing glances from him and one time when i looked at him, he was looking straight at me. I got so scared that i practically jumped and hid behind my computer. I guess his computer wasn't working right so he got up to check another computer but when he went to go sit down in his seat, the rollie chair sort of slipped and said a spanish cuss word which i thought was hilarious (at the time). I thought he was a ref but he turned out to be a regular person...Not that being a ref makes anybody an alien or something...aw crap...i mean...aw crap.

i guess there is nothing else to say cept, that i got an A!! for my Bio mid-term and a B!!! for my English mid-term..so far so good...

I'll leave you with a quiz i took when i was bored...

<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

brought to you by Quizilla

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Mid-terms, Mid-terms, and more Mid-terms [15 Jan 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today, i took my English Mid-term and surprisingly, it was easy 'cept for the grammar... Jesum Crow! that part killed me...but ehh w/e it think i did pretty good

Zakkour passed out our mid-terms and i managed to get a D. Freaking a-hole. And that is with no review and everything. It was pretty funny tho, b/c the highest grade in the class was a C. All the seniors had a look of lost and disappointment as he was passing them out.

Roxanna picked me up and i went to one of her classes with her. I sat all the way in the back behind this huge black guy w/ dreads. Every chance he could, he turned around and looked at what i was doing and i was just sitting there reading Harry Potter and listening to music.
The teacher passed out a test and he gave me one and before i could explain that i wasn't in the class, he was already walking away. The black guy looked at me and started laughing
the whole time, i wanted to touch his hair and it was like 3 inches away from my face.

i want to give a special thanx to ELi: Thank you so much!!! I was done reading all the books in 1st period.

I come to the conclusion that i don't like Kelvin anymore. Sure, he is nice and friendly and cute but he is just plain stupid. wtf am i going to do with a stupid 10th grader. i'd rather avoid the problem in all.

blah...i have cramps and it hurts. I have a need to read more chobits, Marmalade Boy, and Love Hina. I have become addicted to it and its not even funny...well maybe a little but not alot

i g2g...see ya tomorrow, i hope...w/e


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What to do...What to do... [14 Jan 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Tomorrow is Early Release and there is absolutely nothing to do. Roxanna offered me to take me to her class and if these people will have the slightest consideration...i might take it up.

I read the 2nd Chobits book (borrowed it from Nicole) and all in all, i really like it. I am bored...Can't you tell?

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She could never love you like I do [12 Jan 2004|03:51pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I love Mel...She bought me this Spongebob Cup that is so cute and it cam with Gummi Krabby Patti's and even tho most of the people that ate them thought they tasted funny, i actually thought they tasted pretty good.

Omg today i wore the pants that i have only worn like 2 times and i guess everything pretty much matched. I had this brown shirt that Tio Ricky gave me for two birthday's ago with Roxanna's brown shoes. ::shrug:: w/e...

I think these mid-terms are getting to my head. I pheel that i need 2 xplode and then implode once more. blah

I have had enough with the Chris-Lourdes shit. I can't stand him any more. I got Nick rallied up to go beat the shit out of him...even tho i was playing, i don't think Nick was... Chris is getting so annoying. He keeps asking me what Lourdes thinks of him, if she said anything, if she coughed the wrong way, if she said anything remotely to what sounded like his name. I can't stand it...i swear that the next time he asks me something, i am litteraly going to stick him. Or tell him off...which ever comes first. And if Lourdes doesn't tell him that she doesn't like him, then i will. At the same time that i am mad at him, i also feel bad for him because he is making it so obvious that he likes Lourdes yet she doesn't respond. I have got to wake her up, me and odlays have got to wake her up.

On other news: My mom is going to get me diet pills. They are not really diet pills but they are like a natural pill that gives you more energy and less impluse to eat. Call it what you like but all i care is that it works. She is also getting me this belt that makes you lose weight. i really can't wait to hit my target weight. Right now i weigh about 140 and i want to go to 120. Hope i can make it! ::crosses fingers::

I g2g...study and what not...always with the nagging and the studying...will some one please give me a gun?!

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Oh my god....oh my god....my god [10 Jan 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just came back from Dolphin...and needless to say...it was fun...did i mention it was fun?

Wanna kno what made it fun?! Seeing Kelvin there!! Thats right...the only reason that made that field trip to the movies exciting was seeing him...here is how it went (the whole thing, not just me seeing him part ::giggles::):

At first i was looking forward to going to the movies but at the end, it just turned into w/e. Chris called me and asked me if i was going and i answered " yea...um no...i dunnoo i have to ask my parents"... like 2 seconds later, Eli calls me and ask me if i was going. Since she was going, I asked the 'rents if i could go and they sed yea. I went to Eli's house like 3 hours before the movie and we had a pretty good time there and when we get to Dolphin, we spend like a good 15 minutes wandering the mall in search for either Lourdes and Ody or Chris.

Finally we get out side and there was Odlays, Lourdes and Janette (ody's lil sis). We waited till Chris got there and we had like this huge debate whether to eat at Johnny Rockets or watch the movie. We ended up watching the movie and getting popcorn and shit... We saw Cheaper by the Dozen, which if i was in the mood to see it, it would have been a better movie. By the end of the movie, i was practically draggin Lourdes out of the theater so she could eat something. When the movie ended, the "calling-of-the-parents" began. As soon as we walked out side, we all noticed it was freaking cold as balls so we all tried to huddle up and stuff.

Finally, Me and Eli decided we were too hungry to just stand there so we ran (hauled ass) to the other side of the mall to buy some crap ass pizza and ran back...On the way there, I saw Kelvin ::cue heavenly music::. He was standing there w/ a bunch of his whack ass friends and some girls and i looked at him and he looked at me and i thought he wasn't going to say anything so i looked down and kept walking fast. Note: His friends were standing around a pole so when he went to say hi to me, he walked around the pole and stopped me. For some reason i thought he was going to do that and i wasn't scared. Eli on the other hand practically jumped and got scared. it was quite funny actually. He said hi and asked me if i was going to see a movie. I was so nervous that i couldn't look him in the eye and i was moving my head all over the place. I told him that i just finished watching a movie and i was going to buy some pizza. It was so cold that i was making a fist around my sweater sleeves and he looked at me weird and told me that it wasn't that cold that that it wasn't New York... Me, being such a dork told him that i went to New York and it was colder. And then he told me that he was sorry to interrupt my going to go get pizza and he said bye to me and watched me walk away.

After, i couldn't stop thinking about it. I was walking back, eating my crusty pizza and i thought i was going to see him there again but by the time we got there, he was gone. And then something else happened that was funny.

The whole time walking back, i was complaining to Eli how much my pizza sucked. We were walking past the elevators and i saw Julio and he looked at me and i gave him the "what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at/ i-am-too-good-for-you look" and i also made a face that sed " i am sick" and right in front on him, i threw my pizza away. and it was so dramatic...for me that it b/c time slowed down and it was all matrix and shit...yea....it was great.

Eli bought this book that it called Marmalade Boy and i was reading it and now i am obsessed. i have to get it.

I am really tired so i am going to sleep now...thats right..sleep

good day or night sir

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So much time So little to do [07 Jan 2004|04:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Blah...another day in the boring life of which is Gabbie...

I wore my Nicaraguan shirt today and i got a lot of response from it...it seems to me that there is a shit load of more nicaraguenses then i thought. Hmm...let me count...Jaime, Roman, Alva, Josie, Chris, Daisy,umm...um...thats one two... SIX! hahaha i proved ppl wrong! I DO know how to count...

OMG!!! BIG NEWS but i guess its only big for me...
PaPa Zakkour is getting MARRIED!!! He told our class and all the seniors and me got like super excited. He sed she was 45 and her name was Gada and it was like to super fantabolous!Yea....it was great...really

On another planet:

He has a girlfriend...who would have thought...well not me b/c i was too high in a cloud dreaming about him...that sux...he sux... i got to find out who she is so i can hate her guts. Buhahahaha!! Mel told me but like out of the blue so i suspect that she told him something and now he knoes...What a big sack of son of a bitch pile of monkey nuts.

P.E. was like THE shit today... Since me, Dorian, and Mah-rey hate playing with the guys, Ms.Pico told us to play only with the girls. It was so much fun! Not only did we learn how to play fast, but i actually made first down!! Yipee for me!!!

.i talk alot.
..good bye..

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It's good to live in America! [06 Jan 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Finally....i have arrived.

I have been so deprived from everything. My flight landed at 12:00 pm so i got home around 2. I managed to eat and take a bath (i scrubbed so hard i thought my skin would peel) and then i looked at my watch it was already 4...Luckily for me, i had to wake up in 2 hours to go to school...How i did it, i am still trying to figure it out...

As i was walking around school, like a few people asked me where i was on Monday and they were all like "OMG! WE like SOOO missed you!". I felt so loved even if it was by like 5 people. I gave my friends my presents that i bought from nicaragua. I bought Lourdes a Nicaraguan Doll with a keychain with the letter of her name. I bought Odalys a keychain that sez Odaly on it but i drew the "S" on the side and she really liked it and i also got her this little house thingie with an open roof thing...w/e. I got Mel this little man that when you lift up his barrel, he gets a boner. She absolutely loved it and she was showing it to everyone.

I felt kinda bad b/c i couldn't get everyone some thing. My mom asked me if i bought some thing for me and i told her "Why the hell am i going to waste money on something nicaraguan when i am actually in the country and i have seen a shit load of nicaragua." She started laughing...

I just woke up from a 5 hour nap and its 11:34 and i am really awake. I told my cuz that i was going to his house but i fell asleep and when i woke up, my dad and francine were coming back from it and they brought me some cake (it was my g-pa's b-day), Tasted pretty good but now i am really thirsty.

I loved the shirts Lourdes bought me in San Fran. There is one with sea turtles on it and the other one says San Fransisco and it looks all pretty full. I showed it to Roxanna and she thought it was for her...blah...thats one shirt she isn't taking away from me....

Juan still has my Pirates of the Carribean Dvd. I hate him....that is my favorite movie and i haven't watched it in 2 weeks because he didn't bring it by. Pain...Lots of Pain...

I came to school and i saw people with new piercings and tattoos, and from my opinion, i think its totally gay. Chelsea got a tattoo and i thought it was stupid b/c she is still not done growing and that shit it gonna look so retarded when she gets older. I have a lot of respect for tattoos and piercings and i also know alot about them too. My sister tells me a lot of things but i also watch things like that on the history channel. I doubt that many people who have tattos even kno the history or ppl who have piercings.
And what is up w/ people piercing them selves in the bathroom. I think that that is freaking nasty as hell. the best way to go is to actually pay 45 bucks to go to a REAL piercer and get a clean, sterilized piercing with actually packaged materials...i mean since when it s safety pin a piercing needle...

ok i am getting sleepy and sleepyer by the minute...i think i might go to sleep or...sleep..lol


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Oh and one more thing.... [29 Dec 2003|02:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I just had to do it b/c i really love the movie "Das Boot" or as they say it in english..."The Boot"

I have said that line from Austin Powers like a million times and it is funny everytime...at least wiht me and my sister...

Lots of Love to EVERYBODY and i didn{t post it but...


see ya later dudes and dudettes!

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4th day and counting... [29 Dec 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I finally got the courage to go to the Internet shop w/ Roxanna. Its like 3 blocks away but i was afraid to go b/c everyone here is always trying to holler at me and it gets so frustrating...and annoying..

2 days ago, we went to an island called Corinto (where my mom grew up) and my g-ma and g-pa drove us there. It was a 2 hour drive and we were driving from like 4:00 to like 6 and it was dark as hell. On the way there, we saw a shit load of mountains and volcanoes. It was a pretty fascinating sight.

When we got to Corinto, we ate a restaurant right beside the beach. It was hot as hell and we stayed at the sea port b/c my g-pa is supposedly this very famous captain of like this ship and every one was treating us like royalty and it was pretty cool... Well my time is up for this damn computer...i g2g peace


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Here In Nicaragua and it is the same shit [26 Dec 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | blah ]

So...Finally, after having so much "emotional" damage as my mom calls it, we are in Nicaragua. Our plane stoped at El Salvador and from what i saw, it looked liked a pretty enjoyable country. I am staying at my grandma's house and it is absolutely filthy. Mom has already hired a maid to do all the cleaning and washing of the dishes.

There are many ups and downs to staying here. One, there is no refigerator....there is no t.v., there is no computer (I am currently writing from my other g-ma's house in Managua). There is no Hot water. At least one good thing about being here is that i am with Roxanna...Who is currently my heterosexual life partner and also my parter in crime. I have my own money which is on the plus side....

Right now, we are getting ready to see Masaya which is a volcanoe and my g-ma is taking us.... It is hotter than i expected it would be in the winter time...It's hotter in Managua than in San Marcos( where we are staying, an hour away). My mom keeps asking me if i miss anything...If there one thing that i absolutely miss is my friends. I just hope Luly is having much more fun than I and i have to tell her Sorry b/c i can't call her from here.

Mom has told the story about how the agency didn't pay the plane to take us to Nicaragua like a million times...she over played it...

Pretty much, everything is boring here and it is only our second day out of 13

i g2g bye

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Where the hell did Christmas go? [21 Dec 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Yesterday was my sister's birthday and yestarday was the day we SUPPOSED to leave to Nicaragua to spend Christmas and New Years. Turns out that the company that was going to pay for a charter flight to go to Nicaragua never turned in the money for the plane. I sat at MIA for 5 hours fucking hoping that my mom and some other people could get us on a plane. I guess that wasn't the case. My mom was on T.v. practically crying telling them that all she wanted to do for Christmas was to go to Nicaragua to spend it with our family. And to make it worse, Roxanna was feeling shitty b/c it was her birthday and so many things were going wrong. It was the worst day ever. and it continued to suck...more news later, i am not really in the mood to write how shitty it was...


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Bring it ONN!!! [18 Dec 2003|03:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

OMG, i would have never thought something with so much drama could happen right in front of my eyes. I had sat down on the bus next to Lisa, and Dariel was sitting in front of us. I looked to the front and i saw Jenny walking to the back of the bus (By the way, i thought she looked really pretty today!!). All of the sudden, Dariel starts talking shit like always and started bothering Lisa. He said sumthing about dying a virgin and like out of no where, Jenny starts bitching at him. Then it turns into a huge arguement and everybody on the bus got quiet and turned around. Some really good insults where thrown back and forth until like a couple of people told them to calm down. I agreed with what Jenny and Lisa said all the way. Damn you have got to be a real dumbass to bitch at a girl. Ooh! So much drama!

In 6th period, Me and Danielle got the idea to switch my shoes w/ Alexandra's shoes (we have exactlly the same shoes cept mine look like shit). Danielle was so slick b/c while she was switching them, Alexandra looked but i guess she wasn't paying attention. I was practically cracking up the whole time. It was actually pretty funny even tho you had to be there.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas vacation. That means one more day till i leave to Nicaragua... Damn...i need to get me some word searches...and fast.

I have to do like 3 tres leches today... One for the party that is going to be happening in my 5th period, One for my Dad, and one for my mom's work. Note: If anyone wants me to bring them a piece, just comment and i'll see if i can work it out. ;l ...

...Writing got me bored...gone to watch LOTR: Two Towers


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Biggity Bam!!! [16 Dec 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

YaY! this is my first entry...(thank you Eli!) i decided to keep a journal because i figured that i need to vent sometimes and screaming into my pillow doesn't always work. My name is Gabbie and i go to South West High School. My life is not as bad as it seems. i have really great friends that are always putting a smile to my face.

Lucky for me, that on the way home, i found a dollar! Lisa and Jenny looked at me like a was a lunatic. It was pretty funny. Which reminds me...i have to pay for my math book tomorrow...it sux ass...i have to pay it with my own money. $57 for a freaking math book...i mean...who would want to take a freaking math book! If i saw a book sitting there, i would just leave it there. Fucking pointless i say...

My stomach hurts like a bitch right now. I don't know if its the cramps or its because i am hungry.

Today, i almost peed in my pants. A couple of inside jokes made me crack up. I told Lourdes that i finally found out how to spell those cap thingies Jewish people wear. It's called a yarmulke. As soo as i saw Steven, we began calling yarmulke. it was pretty funny.

i hope tomorrow is freezing, that way, when i go to P.E., i won't sweat. Yay! tomorrow i get to see Kelvin (the guy i "currently" like). I showed him to Kristy today and she told me that she sees him all the time. I called her a lucky bitch and we both laughed as we hauled ass to the bus. I have to write an essay for P.E. tomorrow...who would've thought that in p.e. we would be doing reading and writing...i found it completely stupid. Damn Jeb Bush and his fucking FCAT. He can shoved that test up his ass.

I'm bored...like two seconds ago, Thomas IMed me with his new SN...i started the conversation and i didn't even kno who it was. it put a smile to my face. I told him how i was going to Nicaragua for Christmas Vaca. and he told me that that was cool. Thank god Roxanna is going with me b/c w/ out her, i probably wouldn't stand it...3 more days...blah

Well....i think that this is sufficient enough for my first entry!
see ya laters


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